Tarpaulin Selection Guide

125 GSM

  • To cover all agriculture products
  • Machine covers
  • Cement cover inside godown
  • Roof leakage

150 GSM

  • Open warehouse cover
  • Cannel lining
  • Heavy Machinery Cover
  • Grain Storage Cover

200 GSM

  • Covering Sugar Godown
  • Cement transportation by wagon
  • Fertilizer transportation by road
  • Fisheries
  • All agricultural products
  • Tarpaulin shed in open space
  • Mandapsamiyana contractor
  • Exhibition in open space
  • Open warehouse coverage

250 GSM

  • This is 5 Layer sandwiched quality tarpaulins suitable for long use & protection - tough and durable. All costly & valuable products must covered by this tarpaulins.

325 GSM

  • This is 5 Layer sandwiched quality tarpaulins suitable for long use. All costly material are covered by 325 GSM tarpaulins because it is very tough & durable in nature.

400 GSM

  • Highly effective and economic method of making artificial lakes in their desired area in not time. Full-proof solution with long lasting results.
  • Shreepaulin® pond lining is manufactured by using 100% virgin Eco friendly material that is safe for environment
  • consist of UV resistance additives which help to resist the weathering effect due to ultraviolet exposures.
  • Manufactured and customised as per the pond, these liners comes in big size panels which are then welded on the site to fit the pond correctly and cover it from all the sides.
  • These are highly durable and flexible liners easy to handle and low maintenance. Available in black colour, made of 5 layers in two qualities 400 Micron and 500 Micron

425 GSM

  • 425 GSM tarpaulin is very strong & durable to protect your material from heavy rain & wind. It is specially useful for pond, lining is agricultural area.