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Agro Shade Nets

We offer a wide range of high quality Agro Shade Nets and Packaging Nets. These nets are made from 100% virgin HDPE and are treated with color master batches and Ultra-violet (UV) stabilizers. These nets are classified by the amount of sunlight that can pass through it. These products are mainly used in applications related to crop protection and agriculture.


  • 50% Shade Nets
  • 75% Shade Nets
  • 90% Shade Nets
Agro Shade Nets

Agro Shade Net Price list
(Effective From 1st Apr 2024)

Price List

Size Chart

Sr.No. 50 m x 3 m 50 m x 6 m Special Sizes available on request
1 mark mark mark

Colors Available of Agro Shade Nets

  • Agro Shade Nets Green


  • Agro Shade Nets Red


  • Agro Shade Nets Green-White


  • Agro Shade Nets Blue-Red-Yellow


  • Agro Shade Nets Yellow-green


*Other colors available on request

Features of Agro Shade Nets
  • Made from 100% virgin HDPE
  • High tensile strength makes it long-lasting, durable and easy to install
  • Protects plants and crops from direct exposure to excessive sunlight
  • Protects plants from heat and hence reduces evaporation
  • Provides resistance to heavy rains and hailstorms
  • Provides uniform shade for better yields of crops
  • Protects crops from insects and birds

Applications / End Use of Agro Shade Nets

  • Building Construction

    Building Construction

  • Green Houses

    Green Houses

  • Poultry Farming

    Poultry Farming

  • Garden Shading and Fencing

    Garden Shading and Fencing

  • Restaurant - Resort Shading

    Restaurant - Resort Shading

  • Waterpark Shading

    Waterpark Shading and Fencing

  • Swimming Pool Fencing

    Swimming Pool Fencing

  • Play-Ground Fencing

    Play-Ground Fencing

  • Car Parking Shading

    Car Parking Shading

  • Green Agro Shed Net for Optimal Crop Protection

    Green Agro Shed Net for Optimal Crop Protection